Thursday, 10 October 2013

Winter 2013-2014 arrivals: Welcome to our 9th season in Banff

We look forward to welcome you to Banff, and Gap Year Canada's 9th season!

It is always so inspiring to watch how independent everyone becomes throughout the season.

Whether you are arriving for the season from Calgary, other parts of Canada, or further away in Europe, the UK, Australia or New Zealand...moving to a new town, starting a new job, moving to a new house is all a difficult step.  

For those from out of Canada we will assist you when you arrive with getting your SIN number set up, Alberta Healthcare, and Banking so you are ready for the first day of work with the correct paperwork.
Maps of town will be in all the houses, weekly events in town will be posted on the Facebook group site. We encourage your parents to follow the blog (great tabs down the side to webcams, local weather, or ideas if they are coming to visit), and "like" the Gap Year Canada facebook page as we will
strive to post photos throughout the season of the group at work, play and home as we know often times you can get too busy to keep them in the loop.

Canadians arriving obviously do not need a work visa, however please note you will need a police check to show your employer on your first day of work. This can be requested at your local police department.  It is worthwhile keeping a copy for your file, should you decide to stay on for the summer, a summer employer may request one.

Alberta Healthcare: if you are from out of Canada, you are eligible for Alberta Healthcare from the day you arrive in Canada, if you are from another province, you can apply after three months.  Although everyone requires travel insurance for your Working Holiday Visa, Alberta Healthcare will save you money out of pocket as it covers: Doctors and Hospital coverage if you are injured. You will need to use your own medical coverage for Ambulance, Dental, Prescriptions and Physiotherapy or other services if required.

Alberta Healthcare applications are in your chalet and the office in Banff will have a list of all Gap Year Canada applicants for other required documents we provide them to prove your residency in Alberta. Take your passport/visa and your application in person to register.

Social Insurance Numbers: SIN numbers are processed the same day at the Service Canada office in Canmore.  Bus schedule and details are posted in your chalet. You need to get to Canmore to have this set up prior to your first day of work

Banking:  Appointments have been set up at the Bank of Montreal (see the facebook w13-14 with the airport transfer schedule with your appointment time) If the appointment does not work (you need your account prior to your first day of work) please email to reschedule

For further predeparture information please consult the checklist for further information on packing, your postal address  etc.  As per the accommodation section, please remember to bring your own pillow, towel, and fitted sheet (single for single occupancy, and double fitted sheet for couples or single upgrade bookings)

Airport transfers:  Brewster Airport transfers (Expore the Rockies) or the Banff Airporter have been booked based on your arrival times. After collecting baggage proceed to the check in desk for transfer to your chalet in Banff. You will be emailed your shuttle details and should have your chalet address on that booking, although the driver should have your drop off location on file as well, ensure you are dropped off at the door of your chalet, as no doubt you will have some heavy luggage. Either your housemates, Noel, Nancy or our house manager will meet you at your house to give you keys, and show you around...depending on the arrival times and numbers arriving on the same shuttle.

More info to come in a group email regarding arrivals to Calgary airport, clearing immigration if you are on a working holiday visa, and what you should have in your file to make that process easy.

We promise our next posts to be much more interesting, but as parents we do know that your parents may be a bit concerned about some of the fine details. It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 38, they will worry that you arrive one piece, worry if you are sick, worry if you aren't sick but out on the town 7 nights a week, which could lead to worrying that you get don't up for work in the morning to get to work. So, make sure you keep them in the loop, or pass this information on so they can check out life in Banff via the blog or Gap Year Canada facebook page.

They are welcome to\ Skype "GapYearCanada", email (info@GapYearCanada) or call us directly on +403 763 7015 should they have any questions, concerns or emergencies come up.


Nancy & Noel

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