Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May powder

April showers bring powder in the mountains,
 a bit of green grass in town and the snow has all melted in Banff
and 10cm overnight at Louise and Sunshine to keep the riders happy!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Spring riding

This can be some of the best skiing and riding we have all season.

It is no longer dark when everyone sets off to work in the morning, the lifts stay open longer, the patios are filled on sunny days.

Plenty of snow on the mountain, yet the ice has melted on the river, bikes are out in town as are the longboards, shorts and flip flops.

Most locals have not yet taken the winter tires off their cars as we all know we are still due for another spring dump of snow...but summer is close!

Winter 2012-13 planning

Panick is starting to set in as visa's are being filled up faster that those darn ACPO police clearances are getting churned out!

Here's to hoping that all those of you that were planning on being in Banff with us next season have filled in, signed, sealed and delivered all those bits to the Canadian High Commission and we will be all sitting in Tommy's having a celebratory Kokanee six months from now!

Quota: 5,350
Working Holiday places remaining: 776
Updated: 30/04/2012