Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Halloween in Banff

Halloween a holiday we normally don’t put much effort into celebrating in Europe - Or where I’m from at least. But when I got over here in 2010 and had my first Halloween in Banff, I soon discovered it’s not just a party-day, NO, everyone takes the costume part of Halloween very serious.
I had my first day of work on a Friday, Halloween was on a Sunday, which putted me in a dilemma, when my boss told us that the people who showed up drunk on our second day of work, the Monday after Halloween, would be fired. So I decided not to dress up and stay rather sober. Which honestly was really boring. So year 2012 with all the great Gap Year Canada people had to count for something.

First of all, I got myself a costume, not the best or most creative, I was a Pink Crayola… And the Cedar House, where I was living, is a great house with great people, and we decided to have our own little exclusives-club of a pre-drinking party for Halloween. I was amazed with all the great and different costumes people came up with, very colourful indeed.
And another thing I was amazed by was the amount of booze that the Cedar people could drink before 10.30pm, where most decided to go to Will Bills. I think until this day, Halloween 2012 have been the best party and pre-drinking I’ve ever had in Banff, and that says a lot since I’ve already had a winter season in Banff and spend all summer here.

So all in all I just want to say THANK YOU Gap Year Canada and Cedar House, for an amazing couple of weeks, and one of the best endings I could ever have wished for at my Internship and stay here in Banff!
One thing though, If I should anything bad about this Halloween, it would be; I regret, that I didn’t leave Cedar House early enough, so that I could have celebrated Halloween with the rest of the Gap Year Canada at Will Bills. Where I was not allowed in because of a massive line-up at 11pm.
Note to myself and everyone else who are thinking of being here for Halloween 2013, go out earlier than 11pm.