Monday, 23 January 2012

January - Real Mountain Extremes

January in Banff brings much of the same.  More work, more late nights, more snow, but finally after a warm'ish season so far we are given a new experience. Some -35 degree weather to remind us that we are in fact living in Canada and not Europe! Thanks to the boys at Norquay for demonstrating what happens when you through water in the air at -29 degrees.  Also, it's confirmed, it does snow when it's -30!!  
-29 Liquid Fireworks at Norquay
-39 at the top of Suplhur Mountain looking down on Banff

Recycling days after Christmas and New Years can be very lucrative for some and yes the house does smell better without the 1691 cans lying around!!

Ever wonder where you wages are spent? 

Beaver cashes is on their collection of cans
Working and commuting to your office at 8,500 feet is now not just a novelty it's a way of life and a distant past for many who have been and done a season here.

Wolfpack Will commuting to his office at 8500ft

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